Luxury Car Industry

The Study of the Global Luxury Car Market this year highlights the key dynamics of the global luxury car market. The ever growing opportunity in this sector has been investigated along with insights of the five important markets of luxury cars: Europe, United States, China Middle East and India.
The performance of key global players: BMW AG, Volkswagen AG, Daimler AG, General Motors Company and Tata Motors Limited along with existing market scenario has also been studied. The report covers latest industry leaders verbatim.

Luxury Car

The global luxury car market has thus far been relatively untouched by the grave financial crisis and has been by far posting growth driven by different emerging markets.

Car Market

All three main German players BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi account for around 80% share of the global luxury car market.


Undoubtedly BMW is the global leader in the luxury car market, followed by Mercedes-Benz and Audi in that order.

The US Luxury Car Market

While the most manufacturers are struggling the world over with profit margins, the ones that manufacture high-end cars are comfortably enjoying ever increasing sales.In the US luxury car market, in the recent years, it is the crossovers and SUVs, which have been showing growth in sales. Last year, the two leading players in the market- Lexus and Mercedes-Benz didn’t report growth in sales of their high-end cars as compared to its non-SUV models.

The Ultra Luxury Cars

The market in the US is now diverging into two distinct categories, the budget car, and the ultra luxury cars.The demand for luxury cars in Europe had been at a low for about two decades and then started recovering slowly from 2014. Amidst the gloomy economic situations prevailing in most European markets, the players such as BMW have still managed to maintain volumes of their higher end models.In China, the segment of luxury cars is witnessing strong growth this year.

Luxury And Supercar

New millionaires in China were added by 10% in 2016 annual. Notwithstanding the government's austerity measures, sales of ultra-luxury and supercar sales haven’t slowed down in China.India is also one of the biggest passenger car markets in the world and the manufacturers- both in the passenger and luxury segment witness a huge potential for growth in the country.


For obvious reason the penetration level of the luxury car market is lower in comparison here but bigger names in the luxury car manufacturing are now enthusiastic on the market's potential.

Second-Largest Market

As of now the Luxury car penetration in India stands at 1.1%.And finally, in the GCC region, the UAE is the second-largest market after Saudi Arabia.


U.A.E. is largely dependent upon imports and almost the complete supply of car, as well as the light vehicles, is imported.

Luxury Goods Market

Because of the low oil prices and global macroeconomic factors, luxury goods market in the Middle East has been affected. During the last decade the market of personal luxury goods witnessed a gradual annual growth of 8-10%, it is poised to drop to around 4-5% in the coming few years.

Fun And Cheap Things To Do In Cannes

Cannes France is the jewel of French Riviera. It is popular for the Cannes film festival which takes place each May. However, you don’t have to be a movie star to enjoy what Cannes has to offer. Below are things you can do in Cannes, France without hurting your budget:

Visit the Boulevard de la Croisette
The Croisette is a curving street stretching for over a mile along the sea front. It is the place to see and be seen, especially when you bring an exotic car with you. Here, you will see many people strolling or puffing along the wide pathway including joggers, young ladies dressed to the nines and mothers with strollers.

Window shop
The Croisette has some of the most popular high-end boutiques such as Ferragamo and Gucci. Parallel to these high-end boutiques is Rue D Antibes which is a pretty street decorated with hanging flower baskets. This street also has low end and high-end boutiques.

Enjoy the beaches
Some of the beaches found along the Riviera are privately owned and you will have to pay a lot to sit under a parasol. However, there are some sections of the beach you can enjoy for free including Jean Hibert west of the old port and Plage du midi located on Boulevard du Midi.

Mace which is a municipality managed beach is a good place where you can rent chairs and umbrellas for less than at private beaches. This beach also has an open section where you can lounge for free on the sand.

Step into the past
One of the best places to visit when you want to step into the past is charming old Cannes located past the port. This is where you will find the vestiges of the town’s medieval past.

Take a narrow, sloping alleyway or flights of stone steps to reach Le Suquet which is found at the top of the hill overlooking Cannes. This area is the original site of the town which started out as a Roman camp before other buildings were added. The Castre Museum is also located at this hill top.

It has ethnic artifacts, weapons, and ceramics from the collection of a 19th-century baron. There is an entry fee charged but entry is usually free the first Sunday of the month from November through March. Once you have entered the museum, ensure that you climb the 109 steps of the property’s Watchtower and enjoy the fabulous views it has to offer.

Enjoy quiet time
Do you need a break from the hustle and bustle? If the answer is a yes, then the church of Notre Dame d’Esperance is the best place to visit. This place is located around the corner from the Castre Museum. It is usually easy to identify it as it has a unique clock tower. The church has fine wood paneling and chapels decorated with paintings and statues.

In order to activate the lighting for a better view, you will have to pay 1.36 dollars. However, you can wait a moment and enjoy someone else’s 1.36 dollars worth of illumination! Carved wooden models of boats hang from the ceiling a reminder of the days when Cannes was only a sleepy fishing village.…

The Best Options For Luxury Car Hire in Cannes

Any lover of French cinema would be hard pressed to think of any more iconic setting for the famous French romances that were made in the 1960’s and 70’s that did not feature at least one shot of a loving but tortured couple in Cannes. the city has become an icon of both what it means to be in love in a beautiful place and the rewards of being rich and famous, something which can be best experienced in a Cannes luxury car hire.

The city, on the French Riviera is famous for the names and faces of the ultra rich who can be found strolling on the waterfront, sunning themselves on their yachts or dining at some of the best restaurants in France.

In May the world famous film festival sees many of the of the world’s cinema gather to explore the best and brightest offerings from both established and new producers, directors and actors and this is when the sheer number of the rich and famous reaches its peak.

So when visiting Cannes it’s best not to stick out from the crowd of luxury car brands. And that crowd will be driving the best luxury automobiles in the world. This is why the best way to explore Cannes is to rent a luxury car. You simply don’t want to be seen to be slumming it in this city of the well healed.

Of course there are other reasons to rent a luxury car in Cannes. The city is surrounded by some of the most attractive Blue Flag beaches in the EU and having access to a luxury motor vehicle allows the visitor to explore them at their leisure.

And its not only the yellow sand beaches that provide plenty of reason to jump into a luxury motor vehicle and start to explore the coastline.

Most of the beaches feature waterside restaurants that offer incredible local cuisine, much of it sourced fresh from the Mediterranean. this is a place where seafood is raised to a fine art.

However when you rent a limousine in Miami it is even more useful if one would like to venture even further afield. the countryside surrounding Cannes is magnificent and it is here where the visitor can experience life as it was lived hundreds of years ago. And it’s no surprise that the cuisine out in the countryside is as magnificent as the scenery.

Of course being on the Mediterranean there are numerous activities to enjoy – all based on the water. Such as sailing, diving and fishing. Some of the operators may be some way out of town so that luxury motor vehicle is a must.

But perhaps the most compelling reason to rent a luxury car while in Cannes is to simply soak up the atmosphere at your own pace. this is a town where exploration can bring enormous rewards. Rather than being part of a large tour group and having to fit into a set itinerary set your own pace and explore on your own terms by renting a luxury car.…

How Can Luxury Travel Agencies Help Travelers Plan The Trip Of Their Dreams?

Luxury travel agencies serve travelers who are interested in luxury tourism. Just like other types of travel agencies, agents who work at luxury travel agencies research transportation options and book transportation reservations and they also find and book hotel and other accommodations for their clients. Some luxury travel agencies even help travelers book and schedule a variety of activities they can enjoy once they arrive.

Luxury travel agents can provide administrative services also such as:

• Providing travel insurance
• Helping clients meet visa and passport requirements
• Immunization information if necessary

However, luxury travel agencies do differ from traditional travel agencies in that they focus on providing their clients personal services and extraordinary travel destinations that many travelers may not be able to afford. These types of agencies generally advertise in specific print publications or online. They tend to market their services and products to a certain demographic of affluent travelers.

What Are Examples Of Luxury Tourism?

Examples of this type of tourism include:

• Destination weddings
• Honeymoon destinations
• Exotic vacations
• Luxury corporate travel

There are some agencies that specialize in specific destinations or activities. For example, a luxury travel agency may only book around the world cruises or destination vacations to the Caribbean.

These agents frequently search for the very best in exclusive services and accommodations in a specific area. This can include discover luxurious and hidden amenities for their clients that are not obtainable by other tourists to the area.

Knowledgeable Agents

As most travel agents, luxury travel agents are expected to have knowledge about the destinations they offer their clients. This means that they should be aware of attractions, landmarks, the best restaurants and areas for shopping. They will even be able to inform their clients of any areas they may want to avoid and how to stay safe while they are on their trip.

Although there are some people who want a luxury experience while on a budget, the more affluent traveler will spare no expense to have the trip of a lifetime. This type of traveler will expect only the very best amenities and accommodations.

Generally, regardless of income, most travelers look for the very best travel deals they can get. They also want to save money. As a result, there are some luxury travel agencies that focus on providing luxury accommodations for their clients at more affordable prices.

Services Offered By Luxury Travel Agencies

The types of services offered by these agencies are typically more personal in nature. For example, an agency may arrange a private tour or secure better amenities during the client’s stay. Some clients may want luxury travel and will pay any amount necessary, while clients who are on a budget will want more affordable choices. These agencies will accommodate both types of clients.

Other services may include:

• Providing pet travel
• Hiring personal chauffeurs
• Chartering private jets
• Personalized travel itineraries

Another reason that a traveler can benefit from using the services of a luxury travel agency is that many of the agents who work for the agency have traveled to many destinations. They can give you first-hand knowledge of what to expect based on their experiences.…


If you want to go for luxury car rental, then you got to consider few important things so that your investment can be protected.

Things to be considered:

  • Since there are many models of luxury-cars, therefore, you got to choose the right model following your travel need, preference and budget.
  • The rate of luxury car rental might vary from one agency to another, therefore, you got to find out the best cost that suits your pocket-limit well.
  • The best car-hire agency needs to be chosen to get legitimate conditions and terms for the hire of luxury cars.
  • You should get the maximized comfort with the car. Therefore, you should keep this point while choosing the right car for you. The seats should be spacious, and the car should be equipped with a lot of amenities.
  • Both elegance and style should be maintained for creating a professional look. This look needs to be maintained essentially especially if you are going to attend any corporate events or occasions.

These are the few things that you should consider for making an improved choice of luxury cars. Make sure that your chosen car can satisfy your purpose well.